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of despair looms large over motown, detroit's next mayor will be former hospital chief mike duggin or the man we'll meet this morning, wayne county sheriff benny napoleon. august 27th, this is "the daily rundown." lets get to my first reads of the morning. secretary of state john kerry laid out an aggressive case for intervention in syria arking evidence of the largest chemical attack in decades is undeniable. the latest escalation with a steady drum beat by the united states and its allies, which is clearly a leadup to military action. >> the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. president obama has made clear to the outside regime that this international norm cannot be violated without consequences. >> it's an important phrase. you heard it a lot, not just from john kerry but jay carney, international norm, significant, ready for strike significant on three main tracks, one, intelligence community backing up conclusions the chemical attack was launched by the regime. that could happen as early as today. two, determination of a legal
at detroit. it is essentially bankrupt. that was really the hub of american manufacturing. does that show, what they did, we can talk about policy issues, what make as good or a bad manufacturing environment. is the fact that detroit is doing poorly any reflection on manufacturing at all in the u.s.? >> the story has changed. we tell the history of manufacturing when it was. 50% of the world's manufacturing base. what is the story of manufacturing today? what is going on with companies trying to compete in a global economy? we don't shy away from that in the movie. we tell the companies, small companies, large companies, competing, making things here still today. the truth it has changed. david: vince i look at two cities. i look at detroit. detroit has highest tax rate and regulations than any other city in michigan, any other citizen. it has the worst public services. what it tells me more government is not the solution to this. you have to get government out of the way, and lower taxes. they hired bad mayors a lot of whom are in jail. they raised taxes and regulations. is there a messa
concerns, central michigan towards flint. that will travel towards detroit. it's raining pretty good towards the cape, boston, providence, newport. it's starting to end in hartford. again, southern new england, you'll have a little bit of rain to deal with and we'll clear it out. forecast, little bit of wet weather in the northeast. not a bad day. the middle of the country, brian, there's people in schools, high school kids on football fields. it's still 95 to 100 from texas to minneapolis. >> hydrate, be safe. >>> coming up on the top of the hour, "morning joe," a team is back, willie, barnacle, mika, joe. the white house is weighing its actions to chemical weapons and use in syria. what's on the table and what could impact that decision. when we come back here, we have the cooler. canadian reporter advocating women's rights and she's not afraid to show a little skin to make her point. we'll be right back. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare! the house caught fire and we were out on the streets. [ whispering ] shhh. it's only a dream. and we have home insurance. but if we made a cl
francisco, atlanta, even detroit. bucking that trend are the not so hot markets in orange, cleveland, even wr -- where i am in new york. we have been asking you how much does your confidence in the economy effect your spending habits samantha says . . . joe like a lot of you agrees with samantha . . . tell me what you think by tweeting me @ali velshi, or leave us a comment on facebook. let's get back to one of the biggest influences on how you feel on the economy. and that is your home. the influential s&p, case schiller index is showing a decline on how fast home prices are rising. i want to explain that what means, and there's no better to do that than one of the men who's name is on that index. he is a best-selling author, and correctly predicted the housing market collapse. professor schiller thank you for being with us. i have tried as i often do to interpret the report. give me a grade. how did i do professor? >> well, pretty good. i think it's hard to interpret markets that are basically speculative. they don't tie up necessarily one to one with the confidence indexes. >> yeah, and
? detroit, you got company, and unions, i think you peace of mind is important when you're running a business. century link provides reliable it services like multi-layered security solution to keep your information safe & secure. century link. your link with what's next. 72 who says that detroit should have all of bankruptcy fun. neil: san bernardino, california, not far behind, city wants to crackdown on union benefits now way out of line, so out of line that city fears without the filing it will be finished, michelle fieldses said better to cramp down on unions now for their own sake as well as taxpayers sake. stuart acuff disagrees and said that the workers were promised their pensions, michelle, you think they have to do this now. >> any decision that takes power away from the union is a good decision, san bernardino was originally i middle class nice area, has turned into tons of foreclosures, and tons of poverty, the reason has to do with unions they got involved in the city council elections they put tons of money to ensure that union-backed piticians got elected and made s
, thank you katherine? detroit, you got company, and unions, i think you have trouble. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i have questions, i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: scottrade- proud to be ranked "best overall clnt experience." 72 who says that detroit should have all of bankruptcy fun. neil: san bernardino, california, not far behind, city wants to crackdown on union benefits now way out of line, so out of line that city fears without the filing it will be finished, michelle fieldses said better to cramp down on unions now for their own sake as well as taxpayers sake. stuart acuff disagrees and said that the workers were promised their pensions, michelle, you think they have to do this now. >> any decision that takes power away from the union is a good decision, san bernardino was originally i middle class nice area, has turned into tons of foreclosures, and tons of poverty, the reason has to do with unions they
the best team in all of baseball. welcome back, the a'sopened up a 4-game set in detroit against the tigers. the team with the second best record in all of baseball, in part because of miguel cabrera. 43rd home run to tie the game. he's batting .359, 43 home runs. 130 rbi. top six 4-4 tie. barton singled to center. coming home. and slides in safely with the tag. 5-4 take the lead. coco crisp the diving catch on tcu -- ball 4 his -- fahl four is, save. >>> the giants are in gearing up for next year placing low pez on wave ires with the hopes of trading him. barry zito start in colorado, zito dishes up a two-run homer to todd helton. one. 9 hits in 4 innings. his e.r.a. is 5.81. nearly six. giant fans will take you out with pablo sandoval from his knee. the rockies are all over the giants. final 6-1. zito drops to 4-10. perris harton traded to the saints and the team has released back up quarterback and that opens the door for mccoy to be the backup quarterback. he did throw this pass. 11 for 15, 109 yards. probably more importantly rerestructures his contract or he may have been gone. he ha
. chemical war is a terrible thing, but we have detroit bankrupt, we have illegal aliens, we have so many things in this country that he to be taking care of her it would don't seem to have the time to take care of it hurt i say we should deal with the issues in this place and then we go out and help others. that is all i have got to say. here's what a couple of senators had to say. now is the time for decisive action. the u.s. must rally our friends and actions to take limited to return actions and serious. using standoff weapons without boots on the ground and at minimal risk to our men and women in uniform, we can sit if you can lead assad's airpower and listed missile capabilities and help establish safe areas on the ground. john mccain, lindsey graham, both republicans and united states senate. we have a democrat on the line now. surely from ermine ham alabama -- surely from birmingham alabama. uest: >> brought: assad has not anybody over your to kill us, but our american congress is killing and our american government is killing people right here in the united states. let's fix home
against detroit. cheese best of. that moment you enjoy it at home. then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love. it can only be called black silk. from folgers. a taste you can enjoy fresh brewed one cup at a time or on the go. black silk from folgers. >>> here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, morning fog today. miami, thunderstorms. it's a hot one in chicago. 92 the high. 98 the high in dallas. los angeles, 85. time now for a check of the national forecast. a dome of heat continues to bake the midwest. temperatures will run 10 to 20 degrees above normal. it will be dry across most of the northeast and south. scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely across florida and texas. and also parts of the southwest and rockies. >>> in sports, the st. louis cards are now in sole possession of first place in the national league central division, and they pulled out the big bats against cincinnati to do it. in the third,
less for you. big thunderstorm complex diving down towards michigan. get ready in detroit. 6:00 to 7:00 a.m. in detroit. rain and thunderstorms heading your way. unsettled in new england. look at the middle of the country. this is as hot as it gets for this time of year. >> summertime still in effect. thank you, bill. >>> concerns over syria push stocks below the 15,000 mark and could cause gas prices to rise. >>> plus, a measles outbreak is causing major concerns. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. if you're seeing spots before your eyes, it's time for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] aveeno® with soy helps reduce the look of brown spots in 4 weeks. for healthy radiant skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results. aveeno®. nascar is ab.out excitement but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and sto
and keeping them for the rest of the year. >>> a's starting a four-game series in detroit. coco crisp leading off the inning. and he blasts a solo home run to right field. it's the 14th of the season. but his 100th of his career. bottom eight. flies to center. and coco crisp, not only with the bat, but with the diving glove. a's win, 8-6. >>> u.s. open champion, serena williams, rolled over her opponent in straight sets. serena didn't drop a game in the first set. only lost one game in the second. serena is a four-time champ in queens. venus also won her first round match today. that's a look at sports. let's go back to you. i want to tell you that we have the 25th edition of the madden football game being released. if you play the 49ers in franchise mode, you get to move. >> oh. >> it's cool. you get to upgrade. >> we're going to get this. we're going after the newscast to pick it up. >> you should be able to go to the front of the line. >> thanks. we're back in a moment. ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good for me around ♪
is now at 32 after giving it up to detroit's cabrera. his 43rd home run and the game was tied at 4. but the man who took josh's spot on the a's roster, derek barton comes through. you better drop the piano, watch him get his hand in there. oh, he's safe. and the a's win 8-6. twilight game in denver. >> hello from denver. >> having a wonderful time. barry zito looking to bounce back after getting his last start. not good. todd gone. he gave up 5 in four innings. it will never end. i mean, this is the longest season ever. the 49ers reportedly have traded linebacker, paris harrellton for a 2014 draft pick to the new orleans saints. he lost the starting job in 2011. i thought he was having a good preseason. they will cut a quarterback. tell you about that later. >> see you at 11:00. ,, 'til labor day to reward yourself! get 48 months interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. not to labor the point... but this sale won't last long! ♪ mattress discounters! - [knocks at door] you wanted to see me? - yeah. have a seat. - is it serious? wow. [nervous laughter
the talking car from knight required. man in detroit transformed 1991 pontiac trans-am gta using parts that he bought off ebay. >> transformed it into kit by changing the fender. the hood. the knight rider nose and season 1 if patch. that's a good running car. being what it is. >> but does it talk? chris palmer says it took him three years to create the replica and he searched on line for information. it was totally worth it. video created by haggerty classic car insurance company and they say it is by far their most popular video on you tube. silicon valley inventor musk has taken a fix national invention from the iron man movie and made it real in the movies billionaire stark moves his hands in front of this cool panel. that's how he designed his armored suit. the founder of tesla and space x found way to design rocket parts using the same technique. he says he can send the hand made design to 3d printer that make the part out of titanium. musk will unveil the new invention on thursday but no plans to make his own iron man suit. >> tough words from the u.s. in response to the
're going to see that -- >> in detroit. >> stop it. >> women. it's just going to be horrible. >> all right. >> how can you make cars when you're doing that? it's now -- it's now an industrial problem, willie. >> all morning -- >> why do you think the japanese are beating us? >> miley cyrus. >> miley cyrus. >> we're actually going to take an in-depth look at the causes of the financial crisis that gripped the city and the innovators who were working to dig it out. coming up today on "morning joe" -- >> and twerking. >> stop it. >> chris mathews will be joining us along with the "washington post" david ignatius, financial times gilleyen tett and dr. nancy schneiderman. up next the top stories in the politico playbook. bill karins with a check on the forecast. >> good morning. as far as the rim fire went in california yesterday, firefighters got a little bit of control. not a lot. we went from 7% containment to 20%. it's still threatening the drinking supply, the reservoir that supplies 80% of the water to san francisco. worried about the ashes contaminating the water as the fire continues to
in detroit. some scared to leave their homes. look at that thing. what is being done to find this giant feline. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> my goodness is right. welcome back to "early start." i'm pamela brown. >> i'm michaela pereira. 30 minutes past the hour. >>> could the u.s. be getting closer to getting involved in the syrian civil war? the assad regime used chemicals against his own people. there are many signs a time of dm diplomacy may be over. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry issued a stinging indictment. >> what we saw in syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. it is undeniable. >> reporter: he accused syria of slaughtering. >> this international norm cannot be violated without consequences. >> reporter: it was an unmistakable message from the state house to the white house. >> this violation has to be taken very seriously. >> reporter: since last week's gas attack, the obama administration is punishing bashir al assad. the leading option officials say, tomahawk missiles aimed at destroying chemicals in syria. the administration wants international a
for detroit. 20 10 air cargo threat as well as other plots that were effectively mitigated. some more international in scope and origin like the christmas they plot was involved a nigerian citizen who purchased his ticket in ghama,. flew from legos to amsterdam and attended to ignite a bomb en route to america. that attempted attack, we learned that relevant information possessed by u.s. customs and border protection needed to be available overseas at the last point of departure for the united states. we fixed that. we learned that our adversaries were moving to nonmetallic devices. we adapted our screening technology and tactics to counter that. learned that a single vulnerability in any part of the aviation system can make everyone connected to it vulnerable. since we don't control security at foreign airports, we have to work even more closely with international partners to raise the overall security of the system. we did that. shortly after the christmas day plot, i launched a worldwide initiative to make these needed changes in close collaboration with our strongest allies. i am
and more than half of the company's 1.3 million u.s. employees are on its health care plans. >>> in detroit a federal judge moved up the a hearing on the city's eligibility for bankruptcy. instead of october 23rd, egin on september 18 to determine whether detroit is insolvent and if the city negotiated in good faith with its creditors. >>> texas is home to four out of top five cities for u.s. business. baltimore was fourth and hughes to infifth. rankings are based on growth rates, local taxes and regulations. >>> that's the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper. lori: who wants to intentionally step on broken glass when you go to the beach? well some florida beach communities are actually talking about putting it in the sand. joining me now from miami beach is fox's phil keating. hi, phil. >> hi, there. down here in florida, sand is is like gold. it draws millions of tourists every year which contributes $70 billion to the state's economy. believe it or not because of erosion constant along the coastline, you can see it with the three or four foot drop down t
morning news. they a's have no problems finding their swing on the road in detroit. we will have highlights. >> some new menu items from a pair of fast food giants hoping to lure new customers. Ñáçwçñ 'til labor day to reward yourself! get the queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497! not to labor the point... but this sale ends monday. ♪ mattress discounters! that you may not have time to roll out dough for a perfectly flaky crust that's made from scratch. or enough time to mix vegetables with all white meat chicken and a homemade gravy. she knows you may not have a moment to crimp the edges of yo favorite chicken pot pie. but marie callender's does. and when she's don all you need to do is find ti to grab someone special, sit down, and savor. marie callender's. it's time to savor. >> mcdonald's is set to a hatchet a fast full menu item and a fast-growing category. the world's biggest fast-food chain plans a limited time roll out of their mighty wings. with a nationwide rollout to be complete by september 24th. the bone in wings, breaded and season with caj
and afternoon sunshine. that is your forecast. we have sports coming up next. ,, the a's are in detroit toni, but outfielder josh reddicks back in the bay area after e team led >>> as hurting in more ways than one. they have to get it together. they are in detroit tonight but outfielder josh reddick is back if the bay area after being on the dl with a sprained right wrist. the hottest hitter on the planet miguel cabrera his 34th home run. two-run blast tied the game at 4. derrek barton from aaa, here comes the throw. safe at the plate. a's leading 7-4 in the 8th inning. the rangers and a's have a huge series coming up a week from today. schedule over the next seven days much softer than the a's for the texas. combined 26 games under .500 compared to the a's who get teams that are 44 games over .500. >>> look out. breaking news out of 49ers headquarters in santa clara. within the last hour, the team reportedly traded linebacker paris harrelson to the saints. he was drafted in 2006 recorded a career-high 8 sacks in 2008. ross' starting job to alden smith in 2011 sat out all of last year with t
election, he's running for the kiw -- wiki leaks party z you tt worse for detroit, big cat has northeast detroit on edge. residents find the large feline roaming the streets. the cat remains on the loose and sheer something you won't see in the u.s.. the times of london tweeting switzerland's first drive in sex boxes opening in an effort to sweep prostitution off the streets. yes, you heard right. sex boxes. experimenting with a garage-style facility. officials hope they make legal prostitution safer and less of a public nuisance skpoorks speaking of cheap tricks massachusetts senator tweeting i am a blessed man i got to play with cheap trick tonight. wow, check out his performance with the band. we think senator brown should team up with another politician, martin owe hall halle -- o'malley is in a band z this typo will make you cringe. larry sanders got a tattoo but forgot i before e except after c. he posted a picture and commenters were quick to point out the error. now this is your time to hash it out with us. also don't forget to follow me on twitter at gretawire. coming up, donald
detroit. >> right. >> well, detroit is a great symbol of failure. anyway, thank you, glenn thrush. thanks for giving us the idea for the piece. what he is going took tomorrow about economic inequality, not just racial inequality. >>> up next, bachmann's stand. we're talking about michele bachmann. a new ebook just came out. more trouble for her. her staff is in revolt. even her own people on coming out against her on her way out. this is "hardball," the place for politics. ols... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ [ crisp crunches ] [ rumbling ] [ crisp crunches ] whoo-hoo-hoo! guess it was. [ male announcer ] pringles, bursting
. >> and if we shoot rockets in to syria to detroit chemical weapons do we risk any unforeseen consequences? >> yes. i think the military options here are very, very complexion. complex and i think it's fair that the obama administration is taking its time as you could tell bisect kerry's speech. so far he has condemned the chemical weapons attack, but there has been no outline of what the u.s. response is going to be. and i imagine pentagon balloon he is are very business right now thinking of all the possibility options. >> thank you so much. live from san francisco. emergency crews say they are slowly making progress in their battle against one of the largest wild fires to ever hit california. the rim fire now covers more than 250 square miles and it's located right on the edge of yosemite national park and that's just a mile way from the reservoir that actually supplies most of the drinking water for san francisco. press prograpresident obama proo deliver whatever resources need to recover from the fires. the pledge came in a phone call from governor jerry brown. >> reporter: firefighte
, los tigres de detroit... add lib ===wipe=== ===wipe=== --los niners este domingo en casa dominaron a los vikingos de minnesota con un colin kaepernick completando 78 pases para 72 yardas y esta anotacion de 5 yardas para quinton patton... ayer jim harbaugh confirmo que colt mccoy sera el segundo en fila como mariscal de campo; ayer mccoy puso buenos numeros completando 11 pases para 109 yardas... san francisco logra su segundo triunfo de la pretemporada 34 a 14; el proximo y ultimo encuentro de preparacion sera este jueves frente a san diego... ===chroma key=== jf cesar llegamos a nuestra ultima pausa comercial, pero mas adelante.... take vo la mas alta condecoracio n militar que se pueda recibir, reposa en el pecho de un sargento originario de la bahia take vo blanca el hombre que tuvo un sueÑo, genera grandes marchas en su aniversario
as the corners of the country and in texas. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in detroit, salt lake city and las vegas. >>> now, to a stunning allegation this morning about a legendary tennis match that captivated the country 40 years ago. >> the faceoff between billie jean king and bobby rigs was billed as the battle of the sexes. now, there's word that rigs may have thrown the match. guy owe benitez has more. >> reporter: it was dubbed the battle of the sexes. september 20th, 1973. one of the top tennis players ever, bobby rigs, came out of retirement, to challenge one of the world's greatest female players, billie jean king, and lost. now, in an espn "outside the lines" exclusive, this man tells what he kept secret for 40 years. hal shaw said months before the match, he overheard two mob bosses saying rigs owed the mob a gambling debt of more than $100,000. >> they brought up the name of bobby rigs. that he will make it look and appear that he's trying his best. but billie jean king is just overwhelming him. >> reporter: billie jean king calls the story ridiculous. >> i woul
of this fiscal approach. then we can say to cities like detroit and others, we've got the answer, that you don't have to do what you did in the past or don't fall into the traps that we have the answer here in san francisco. and that will continue to be a consensus building approach taking care of our responsibilities. with that, i'd like to give the podium for a while to this year's chair of our budget committee, of course is mark farrell. (applause) >> well, thank you to mayor lee for his great leadership during this process. you know, after months of debate in city hall, after six town halls in our different neighborhoods, after an online town hall, i think what i'm most proud of today is that we're signing a budget that is not only representative of the mayor and his team and the board of supervisors, but as we stated in the beginning, we wanted a budget that reflected the values of san francisco, of all san francisco. and i think we've achieved that today. i want to take a quick moment to thank all those involved, starting off with my colleagues on the board of supervisors, to everyone. i
. mercedes benz tops the list satisfying the largest percent take. lexus is close behind but detroit's big three continue to lose ground against imports. the bottom three entries out of 20 name plates surveyed are all american. jeep, dodge and chevrolet. >> some pig changbig changes to and the benefit's plan. the world's largest provider will open domestic part nebraska ships for benefits. >>> when it comes to planning for retirement, many plan to wing it allowing fund managers to figure out their finances for them but fidelity, the nation's largest retirement provider found the average 401 k balance may not be enough to retire on and urging investors to take a more active role in planning for the financial futures. sharon ener epperson has more. >> i try to save 20% of what i make. >> reporter: but most are not saving enough. >> i think it's impossible to educate, clothe, provide piano lessons and feed your kids and save for retirement now. >> reporter: fidelity, the largest retirement provider found the average balance was 80 thorks ,600 and jumped for those employed in a workplace plan
, and the athletics beat miguel cabrera and the detroit tigers 8-6. cabrera hit his 43rd homer, bolstering his pursuit of another triple crown, but barton had a tiebreaking rbi single in oakland's two-run sixth inning. crisp also had a solo homer during his three-hit performance. a.j. griffin allowed four runs and seven hits in five- plus innings, but managed to win for the first time since july 29. the right-hander was 0-2 with a 3.47 era in his previous four starts. >> the giants are in gear- up- relief pitcher javier lopez on waivers with the hope of trading him. and if barry zito is trying to earn roster spot for next year.last nigh't didn't help. zito allowed five runs and nine hits and struck out one in four innings in his second start since being put back into the rotation. he is 0-8 with a 9.61 era on the road this season. the colorado rockies beat >> if the latest edition of the farmer's almanac is right.get ready for a bitterly cold winter with a half dozen major snow storms.including one just in time for next year's super bowl. the new 2014 "farmer's almanac" was published monday. it's pred
on dietrich. -- detroit. through -- has gone and an opportunity for those of us who believe this is still the greatest country in the world for people to have the opportunity to become all that they can be. we can go to detroit and it is a city where we go the window which party has run that city for the past 50 years. and with can propose a different solutions that are based on our free enterprise system. we are busy encouraging enterprise to be strongly considered in detroit. we need ideas. if any by was to talk about detroit, that is where we think is one the most important places to have an impact and share in cause that calls -- each of us believe. i appreciate the opportunity and god bless you and america. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, jimmy. now we hear room -- we will hear from mr. wilson. thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon. rememberedg that i was a man who was not content with reflecting majority opinion by the consensus of the majority but he challenged it. we forget that the civil rights movement was not monolithic that we had great conflict in -- and challenge withi
was a good one. one step forward, and two step backs of late. sidestepping the detroit tigers. the first of a four game series back there. the team that ko'ed them in the playoffs last year. crisp ripping the ball. breaks up a 2-2 tie with his 14th homer. later, daric barton just back with the team from the minor leagues with a base hit. nate races around to score, just barely. it's a 5-4 lead after the tigers had tied it. later, coco with the glove. this guy is so important on both sides of the ball. robbing matt tuiasosopo. a.j. griffin, his first win for the month of august. a's, 2.5 back in the west. >>> from here on out, every time you see a pitch in a giant's uniform, get a good look. these are the waning days of the barry zito era. they'll still run through a wall for the guy. exhibit 1a. hunter pence. this guy, every night giving it his all. didn't get the catch. face plant against the right field wall off the michael cuddyer drive. that's how it went for the giants. although hunter pence stayed in the ballgame, as a matter of fact. todd helton later, 363rd homer of his career. z
step backs of late. sidestepping the detroit tigers. the first of a four game series back there. the team that ko'ed them in the playoffs last year. crisp ripping the ball. breaks up a 2-2 tie with his 14th homer. later, daric barton just back with the team from the minor leagues with a base hit. nate races around to score, just barely. it's a 5-4 lead after the tigers had tied it. later, coco with the glove. this guy is so important on both sides of the ball. robbing matt tuiasosopo. a.j. griffin, his first win for the month of august. a's, 2.5 back in the west. >>> from here on out, every time you see a pitch in a giant's uniform, get a good look. these are the waning days of the barry zito era. they'll still run through a wall for the guy. exhibit 1a. hunter pence. this guy, every night giving it his all. didn't get the catch. face plant against the right field wall off the michael cuddyer drive. that's how it went for the giants. although hunter pence stayed in the ballgame, as a matter of fact. todd helton later, 363rd homer of his career. zito lasts only 4 innings. the opp
. >> as it should. as do a lot of these stories. mily cyrus should depress you. look at this and detroit had to barrow some $50 million to get the schools open on time. chicago is $404 million in the hole with their teacher pension fund this year. this is where we are going with this and we can't deal with the serious problems we've got. we don't have anybody up on capitol hill willing to deal with it. because why? we don't have term limits. see what i did there? >> i still didn't see that. >> you didn't see that coming, did you? >> no. >> april, you are from chicago, right? >> i still live there. >> what do you think of how the city is going? >> it is very dangerous. it is sad when kids can't walk to school. i remember being able to walk to school. i lived in the suburbs of chicago and it is safe and they don't have the luxury of doing that. why should a kid have to be nervous going to a place of education. school sucks. why should you be more scared to go to school? >> thanks for the message. >> it makes you look forward to school if you know you made it alive. i don't know. andy, this pro
brands. the gap between the detroit three and asian automakers is now widening. european brands come out on top with 85 points in the ratings followed by asian brands like toyota and honda at 84. and then american brands like gm, ford, chrysler down at 82. the industry average clocks in at 83 points. the declines to ford, gm and chrysler do not yet have an impact on sales, but analysts say if they slip further, it could be a problem. this survey talked to more than 4,000 customers randomly in this quarterly report. back to you, heather. >> it's ainsley. thank you so much. not a big deal. >> 50/50 shot. >>> well, an american hero awarded the nation's highest military honor in washington for his brifry. this is a great story. army staff sergeant ty carter risked his life to save his fellow soldiers during a deadly firefight in afghanistan that was back in 2009. wt ch wtgg reporter tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: it is the nation's highest military honor. >> the medal of honor to specialist ty carter. >> reporter: at the white house monday, ty carter was presented with that honor and
.com. >>> the city of detroit is starting to undergo a major makeover. the governor announced a plan to demolish thousands of bankrupt homes. 60% of fires in the city are taking place in the dilapidated and unoccupied buildings. >> we'll have safer neighborhoods, and then long term, there's an opportunity to redevelop. >> it will be the biggest blight elimination project in michigan's history. today is the first day of school for students in new town, connecticut. students are attending class in a neighboring town. the proposal to tear down and rebuild a school awaits approval of the residents. >>> convicted fort hood nidal hasan has chosen not to take the stand in his sentencing trial. court is now in resource, closing arguments are expected on wednesday, and jurors will decide between death or prison. heidi joins us from fort hood, and heidi, major hasan chose not to take the stand. that couldn't have come as much as a surprise. >> at this point, tony, not surprising at all. this afternoon they were back in the courtroom trying to make a final plea to the judge to allow them to take the reins
bankruptcy that happened in detroit. that to me would be the solution to these massive unfunded liables. melissa: dennis, you're shaking your head. go ahead and respond. >> i wanted to make sure my position was clear here. you don't cause all, you don't cause all the workers to suffer because some lobbyists are -- melissa: they're not suffering. they're owning their contributions. >> those pensions should not be reduced through the defined pension scheme. melissa: we're going to leave it there. thanks to all of you. >> they do better. they do better under defined contributions! melissa: we all started agreeing and wouldn't be a segment if we didn't all disagree. i'm glad we got there, guys. thank you so much. >> thank you. melissa: next on "money", tough talk is targeted at syria. the u.s. could reportedly strike as soon as this week. but the real target could actually be iran? "wall street journal's" gerry seib, a fantastic piece today. he will joins us and explain it, coming up. much more "money" coming up straight ahead. you don't want to miss this. the heart of everything we do. we'
index raised in august. now in detroit, a federal judge has moved up a hearing on the cities eligibility for bankruptcy. the top five for small businesses. said, san antonio and dallas. baltimore and houston came in next. that is the latest from fox business network. giving you the power to prosper. ♪ connell: jack lew saying our nation will hit the debt limit in late october. to d.c. now and rich edson. >> neither have an opening offer. they refuse to negotiate. that glue claims based on our latest estimates, extraordinary measures are expected to be exhausted. failure means irreparable harm to the economy. one analyst agrees. >> we still will have a very nasty situation where people do not trust us anymore and they want more money. >> the u.s. can expect a severe amount of confidence. while lawmakers return to washington in the next few weeks to figure this out, congress may have more time than he is claiming. officials said they would have only 50 billion in cash, but treasury ran a surplus last september which traditionally is a huge thing. connell: thank you. a great rapport. rich
court case of a couple of years ago and, obviously, municipal concerns like the city of detroit. define for us what exactly is eminent domain? >> guest: well, thank you, bill. and, again, it's a pleasure to be back on "washington journal." eminent domain is the power of government to take private property. it's actually a very old power. kings in europe exercised it hundreds of years ago. garage -- gradually the custom arose that people have to be compensated when their property was taken. and it was certainly an attribute of the british crown. so after the revolution the states had the power, and interestingly the fifth amendment to the federal constitution says that nor shall private property be taken without just compensation. it doesn't actually give the federal government the power, it simply assumes that as a sovereign the federal government has that power. >> and was that fifth amendment built into the constitution based on the experiences of the colonies with the crown? >> well, this is a very fascinating point because the crown had abused the colonies in, many ways. so you have
trying to negotiate with iran on its nuclear weapons. >> bill: detroit on edge after a super cat is seen to be roaming the neighborhood. bill: many say they are scared for little kids playing in the area. listen to these people who describe the mysterious animal. >> it's tall with very long arms and a long tail and a small head. >> it looks like an evil thing. i just ran. you just ran. you didn't want to look at it any longer. >> it just walks through the block. it's not scared of anybody. i'm scared to walk the neighborhood. it come out on you. >> i ran in the house and it was real scary. i said i'm never going back there again. bill: humane society officials moving in there. but they have got to locate him first. martha: he has a long tail. he's not a bobcat. he looks like a combination of a leopard and a bobcat or something. bill: hiding out under the left quarter panel of that vehicle. martha: i'm not going back around there again. a 12-year-old boy who really kept his cool under some frightening circumstances after two burglars broke into his home when he was alone. now the little b
wisconsin into lower michigan, holding together here for us, trying to make a run for detroit. so, maybe a little later this morning a few rumbles of thunder will be sneaking in there, and that's actually going to be the zone where we could be looking for some severe storms. anywhere in the red, central wisconsin back down across into portions of the upper ohio valley. we'll look for the main threats to be damaging winds and a bit of hail, but we can't completely rule out the isolated tornado either. south of all of that, it's the heat. that continues out there for us. we've got heat advisories, excessive heat warnings minneapolis down towards des moines. des moines's going to be a spot that we'll be talking temperatures getting up into the 100s, all thanks to this big ridge of high pressure that's in place. temperatures 10 to 20 degrees above average. so, that puts us well up into the 90s in many of these areas, and look at omaha, 100 degrees expected for today. so, a take it easy day in midwest. meanwhile, this big ridge is going to eventually slide into the south, so areas that have b
from pittsburgh west to green bay, detroit, you're included in this, cleveland, as well, that's where the stronger storms will open up during the day today. if you think that heat is going away i >>> good morning. i'm mike nicco. check out all that sunshine this morning. that means warmer temperatures this afternoon from 62 at the coast to about 91 inland. we'll be in the 50s and 60s tonight with a little more cloud >> as we roll down august, some would say scorcher in the middle of the country. all of that weather was brought to you by huggies. >> thank you, sam. >>> and coming up here, how much would you pay to avoid sitting next to a screaming baby on a flight? we're going to get into the airline's upgrade. sam's just throwing money on the table. >> yeah. that was the idea. >> a thousand dollars. >>> and the new movie about princess diana about the love of her life and what he's now saying about the movie. honey! we're pregnant! what? we're pregnant! we're pregnant? yeah! you're going to be a mom! you're going to be a dad! there's a little baby in there? there's a human being growi
palmer from detroit. what did he do? decided to build a replica of kitt from "knight rider ". took about three years. started with a 1991 trans am. listen to what he said. >> i have completely transformed it into kitt by changing the fenderse fenders, the hood, the hood, and the dash. >> of course, the season four nose and the season one dash. chris palmer, you win our award today. it is the "gosh i hope you're already married" award. why? i'm not completely sure about this, but i'm thinking it might not be the most effective pick-up line. i'm just saying. enjoy your car, pal. >> exactly. wow, john, i didn't even know it was going to take that turn and i'm proud. that's it for us, let's toss it over to cnn "newsroom" with carol costello is up next. heroed complete and balanced meals with 23 vitamins and minerals. purina dog chow. help keep him strong. dog chow strong.
, the editorial editor of the detroit news and he's my guest. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanking for having me. >> gretchen: one of the things we should point out is even though it was enacted under president reagan, one of the ways it has blossomed under president obama is that we're now talking about cell phones. when president reagan started this, we were talking did land lines. correct? >> correct. actually under president bush, the program was expanded in 2008 to include cell phones. but it has really expanded along with all the other welfare programs during the obama years. it's gone from, as you said, 800 million to $2.1 billion and 41% of that money is estimated to go to phones and services for people who aren't really qualified. it's riddled with fraud and waste and you still can't kill it. >> gretchen: 41%. i mean, come on. americans hear that and they think how can you stand by and allow this to continue? you decided to go out and do your own research, so you sent your intern out to do what and what did she accomplish? >> actually i didn't send her out. she's working n
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